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Moon Joggers 2013 ChallengeWe invite people from all over the world to become a Moon Jogger and join this incredible running community as we journey through space. While our goal is to get to the moon, each individual Moon Jogger chooses their own personal goals for the year. We are looking for people to join our expedition to walk, jog and run to the Moon! We want YOU! We want people of all fitness levels and of all ages!

On January 1, 2013 the Moon Joggers took off on their first expedition – the moon. On May 23, 2013 we made our first landing on the moon and then made our way back home. Now we are working on reaching every planet in the solar system!

Join our 2018 mission JOURNEY TO JUPITER!

Moon Jogger’s Mission

Space: Our Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Moon Joggers.  It’s ten year mission: to connect and challenge all human beings on planet earth to start running; to explore the moon, planets and sun of our solar system; and to boldly run where no man has run before.

Moon Joggers Running Group Universal Tour

Moon Joggers Universal Tour

Are you interested in long term success? Well, here at Moon Joggers that is what we believe in, too. We are going to be around for a long time, and we want to achieve great things every year with you! The image above shows our group plans through the end of 2023. We are calling it “The Moon Jogger Universal Your!” Each year presents a bigger challenge for the group. Each Moon Jogger contributes to our group goal and each Moon Jogger’s contribution is very valuable to the group. But, what about the individual goals? This is where rankings come in.

What ranking will you achieve?

Dog Tag Moon JoggerWhen you log your first mile you achieve your first ranking in Moon Jogger land, and you become an “Official Moon Jogger!” Once you achieve becoming an official Moon Jogger you open the door to your next target reached at 100 miles: Space Ranger. The ranking you achieve does not reset year after year, so you continue going after a new ranking and shooting for your next target. These rankings are for the entire Universal Tour. So you always have a new milestone to reach, unless of course, you quickly reach 25,000 logged miles and attain the ranking of “Ultimate Master Sergeant Major Moon Jogger.”

What are the rankings?

Universal Rankings

  Check out the RANKINGS PAGE to get more information in rankings.

How It All Began

photo-9How did this begin? Two sisters, ANGIE& ASHLEY, set a goal to run 1,000 mile each in 2013. Then they decided to open it up to their friends and family and invite them to participate in the challenge! It was just the beginning of something exciting and a ton of fun! They started searching for people all over the world to run with them to the MOON for 2013! Goal Accomplished! There are participants from more than 40 countries around the world and growing! We would love to have you part of this fun running community! It is perfect for beginners, people that just love walking, jogging, or running, and competitive marathoners… and everyone in between! We invite you to join us in our journeys!