Avoid Being Digitally Pic Pocketed!

Okay people!  This may not have much to do with running, but definitely something worth knowing. Did you know that people now have the technology to walk past you in the process swipe your credit card information that is tucked neatly away in your purse or wallet? They don’t even have to take your card anymore.  It’s ridiculous that it’s even come to this.   I didn’t even know this was even possible until a few weeks ago.  I’m sure there are several different ways you can protect yourself, but when I learned about the Blockit sleeves I was excited, because they’re simple to use.

20150915_135636I’m excited to have received two Blockits that I can put my cards in to keep me safe from digital pic pocketing.  All I have to do is put my credit card in the protective sleeve and it fits perfectly in my wallet and I don’t have to worry. I have two of them in my wallet and purse now, and when I go shopping, or anywhere in public, I know that my info isn’t going to get stolen.  It was super easy to slide my cards into the sleeves.  I’ll have to get more for my extra cards!   Plus, I LOVE the peacock design!   Find out more at their WEBSITE!



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