Day 3: Perry’s Run Across the USA

#goperrygo Today Perry is running from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Jonestown, Pennsylvania (roughly 56 miles).
Some updates from this morning…

Thank you marc and seth

Marc and Seth came out to run the first few miles of the day with Perry! And thanks so much to Marc and his wife for hosting us last night!

Current Stats

Distance Run since September 1st: 112 miles
Distance Run yesterday: 52 miles
Distance Planned for Today: 65 miles
Miles left to go: 2988
Signed up for 5K Across the USA:195 (goal is 1,000 sign ups)
Donated to Sunshine Heroes: $26.18 (goal is $15,000)
Donated to Koru Care New Zealand: $130.00 (goal is $15,000)

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Thank you!

First, a big thanks to today’s sponsor: BRAD JOHNSON. THANK YOU! Our daily sponsors have really been a HUGE help! Also, a big thanks to Marc and his wife for hosting last night. Perry and Angie enjoyed staying with you and your hospitality very much.

Day 2 Recap

Perry’s route took him from Washington, New Jersey to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (roughly 60 miles).


Perry runs on coke

Perry unveils his secret to long distance running! :)

Run with Perry

Runners who finished with Perry on Day 2

Perry cooling down

Perry Cooling down from the heat


Perry is Running For Charity: Please Donate Here

Perry is running for two great causes. Please be generous and help give a boost to these two fantastic charities!

Sunshine Heroes Foundation

Sunshine Heroes

Click on image to donate now

Koru Care New Zealand

Donate to Koru Care New Zealand

Click image to donate now

Learn more about these charities here.

Register for the 5K Across the USA

Run 5K to Support Perry across the USAYou can also support these charities, and Perry, by signing up for the 5K Across the USA with Perry Newburn event. We are looking for at least 1,000 people to sign up. You can sign up for the medal, or you can sign up for free and not get a medal, no matter what it is, we ask you to sign up and be one of the 1,000! Proceeds go to help cover any extra costs of this run (lodging, fuel, food, etc) and the rest goes to the two charities that Perry is running to raise awareness and funds for. Officially sign up here: THANK YOU!

Become a Moon Jogger

Run with Moon Joggers and use your miles to help us get to Venus! Use promo code “PERRY” and save 50% off a paid membership to Voyage to Venus, or sign up for a free membership. Anyone can join and all members, paid or free, get access to our great online community, running log, encouragement and motivations from other members, and can contribute to our group in many ways. Register and sign up for the Voyage to Venus today. Join the fun! “Boldly Run Where No Man Has Run Before!”

***If anyone is interested in running any miles with Perry along his journey, please send a text to Angie (his AWESOME driver) and she’ll help get it coordinated! Her number is 801.735.5128 or email at Perry is happy to run with anyone that wants to join.



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