Every Mile Matters


As we begin our 2015 mission: MEET ME ON MARS, our theme for the year is going to be EVERY MILE MATTERS!  As part of this theme, we are asking YOU to share with us what that means to you.  As you are out running, jogging, walking, biking, swimming, etc  what does every mile matter to you?

As you answer this question we ask you to write an article, a story, a poem, draw a picture or anything else that represents what this phrase means to you along your journey.  Every Wednesday, right here on our website, we will publish an EVERY MILE MATTERS article that has been shared by one of our very own Moon Joggers.  Please be one that shares with us.  We’re all here to support and motivate one another and somewhere out there your words, or drawings, will help inspire someone else.


1.  Write your article.  We prefer something from 500 to 15oo words.  If its more we’ll accept it as long as its worth the extra reading.  Or draw your picture or write your poem.

2.  Include a small biography of yourself: who you are, where you’re from, what you do for a living, why you started running, how long you’ve been running and/or anything else you’d like to share.  Also, please include a photo of yourself that we can add to your article when we publish it (this is optional, but photos are always great!).

3.  Email your article/drawing to moonjoggers@gmail.com

4.  We’ll let you know when your article will be posted!

If you have questions, please email me, ANGIE, at moonjoggers@gmail.com.