Hug A Runner 5K Results


You can download a bib for the event here:  Hug A Runner Bib

There results are posted below.

Rank First Last TIME
1 Glenda Langton 22
2 Brenda Roggy 22.31 I did this run on my own at a park in the city near me, Zearing Park. The weather was perfect and running a virtual run helps me to push like I’m in a race with others, though it’s just me. So this was a great training run for me!
3 Maria Morris 24 Hello I took part in my weekly 5k park run with my running friends, Saturday 21 November the running club is called The Coolers. There is always guaranteed laughs before and after the run! This was a new park run event which was very hilly on a cold, wet Saturday morning and I still managed to enjoy my run. As soon as I saw Moonjoggers on Facebook I knew who I wanted to run and dedicate my hug medal for. I took up running in January and it has changed my life and me for the better. I feel better about myself and the friends and opportunities it has presented to me. I would encourage everyone to the get their trainers on and get outside :-)
4 Rob Bellamy 24 It was a struggle in the wind!!
5 Jessica Santillan 26
6 Don Overstreet 26
7 Cheryl Finley 26
8 Valerie Hurst 26
9 Katie Thompson 27
10 Jacki Warren 27.47
11 Lori Creamer 28
12 Frank Miramonti 28 Hugs are great, but Running can’t wait!
13 Sheri Ehlen 28
14 Isabelle Rodrigue 28 I am slowly running again after a 6 weeks break. I had to back out of my first planned marathon a month before the event du to injury. Your Hug-a-Runner 5 k was a perfect little reminder that I will get back into shape. Slowly but surely. My daughter coloured my bib and gave me my medal afterward. I ran around my neighbourhood, alone. It was quiet, peaceful… A nice moment for me to enjoy some alone time away from my 4 kids! Thanks!
15 mandy patton 28
16 Coreen Paul 28
17 Amanda Dolan 28
18 Angela Bridges 28
19 Jennifer Barrow 28 5K for Robert! My cousin’s 14-year-old son is battling leukemia & facing his third (& final) bone barrow transplant on Nov 10.
20 Ryan Hiltenbrand 28
21 Gillian Allen 28
22 Annmarie Nyikes 28.15
23 Brenda Dufort 29
24 Leslee Saylor 29
25 Kimberly Schuring 29 We picked November 11th to commemorate Remembrance Day as well as Hug a Runner. We started off with 2 minutes of silence before setting off for our run. There were 7 of us in total. Great reason to thank those that gave us the gift of freedom and to thank our friends for being support network as well as running buddies for a number of years.
26 Arlene Marko 29 A group of ladies from my soccer team met to run 5km in the beautiful fish creek park! We had a moment of silence in honor of Remembrance day❤️
27 Susan Lash 29
28 Nicole Flickinger 29
29 Crystal Mayville 29 I am enjoying my running; my family and friends are so supportive; its national hug a runner day everyday here LOL I am working toward my first 10k and half marathon next year!
30 Carol Kennedy 30 I ran in the 5K Brighton & Hove Park run on 14/11/15 with many friends and runners of all ages, I always feel very welcome and get lots of encouragement from supporters and fellow runners – especially from those who are much faster than I. I love my medal – you do such a great job and make it easy to join in, thank you, best wishes, Carol in the UK
31 Bethany Farris 30 It was a lot of fun to complete this with my daughter.
32 Patricia wiedemann 30 Peninsulatrackclub volunteers donate their time to put on the fast before the feast 5k race and the proceeds went to the Peninsula Food Bank.
33 Mary Dier 30
34 Bobbi Jo Arnold 30 This was a practice run with running friends. It was a snowy and slippery run, but got it done with a few laughs along the way.
35 Deb Parker 30 Excellent run today! Had my fastest time for a 5k 30:43!! I am trying to get it under 30 min…getting closer. It is snowy here in west central Alberta, Canada…but I don’t mind.
36 Jeff Nelson 30
38 Kathryn Haag 30
39 Julia Holien 30 Ran with my fav running partner Michelle! Beautiful day @ work, running beside farmers fields! No snow yet – BONUS!!!
40 Nikki Peoples 30
41 Michelle Rauckman 30 Slightly crisp run at lunch with my favourite runner in the world
42 cindy gibbons 30
43 Debbi Spencer 30 Ran with 4 friends on a beautiful fall night. Great company, great route (well two killer hills), and perfect weather.
44 Vanessa Isaac 30 I sent a photo via email. I ran almost 7 miles so I split the time to make it for a 3 mile run. Just love doing these especially since I’m a runner and my friends hug me daily. Thanks for another reason to get out there and just run. xoxo- Vanessa in Hailey, Idaho
45 jamie beard 30.09
46 Fiona Sewell 30.24
47 Kelly Hann 31
48 Stacey Belhumer 31
49 Vanessa Geswein 31 This was my first run in the snow. I was hoping for 35 minutes was not sure how the snow running would add but I did better. Looking forward to next one :)
50 Kelly McCLure 31
51 zita cheverie 31
52 Jacqueline Wright 31 I did my 5K run this morning at our local Parkrun with my two running buddies, my daughter Rachael and my friend Fiona. It was a cold day with a little bit of snow but very enjoyable.
53 Veronique Dear 31 This was my first run 15 months after knee surgery. I was really quite pleased with my time! Hopefully I will be able to train regularly from now on :). I have entered a 10k run in April and hope to do a fairly good time then!
54 Lisa Lellos 31.30
55 Mark Harrison 32
56 Andi Bart 32
57 Andi Bart 32
58 Cheryl Reimer 32
59 Debbie Shearlaw 32
60 Lysane Maynard 32 Was an AWESOME run on a beautiful fall day with my ultimate running partner :) The medal and t-shirt were also super awesome !!! Thank you for organizing this event !!!
61 Kristina Schaefer 32
62 Olivia Ellis 32
63 Nicole Welder 32 My last run (with hubby) before heading to Las Vegas for the Rock and Roll 5K and 1/2 marathon!! I’m so excited. Plus, there is no snow!!! We always run by the river!
64 maria vega 32 I chose Lake Merrit in Oakland Ca. because i had never been around it. I realized it was a 5k distance and knew it would be perfect. I ran alone then walked around once more with my Mom. The weather was perfect, some sun then sudden clouds. There is park all around so the scenery was very pleasant. I went to mass right across the street after my run to praise the Lord. I dedicate my run to all amateur runners like myself who just try and want to feel healthy. This is maybe my close to 10th 5k and plan on doing more….
65 Phil Hopkinson 32
66 Peggy Manning 32
67 Bethany McDonald 32 I did my run for Olivia. I run 4 her….
68 Ashley Brownell 32.27
69 Naomi Boyer 32.5
70 Rosi Parisi 3200
71 Kimberly Graham 33
72 Michelle Maurno 33
73 Jennifer Brown 33
74 Liana Hart 33
75 Taylor Gould 33
76 Julie Van Egmond 33 Ran in the beautiful river bottom of Lethbridge,Ab Canada on a gloomy, chilly day. Perfect day for a race!! This is my favorite place to run. Always lots of animals and it’s so quiet and peaceful.
77 Andrea Bartusevicius 33
78 Colleen Bartlett 33.53 Thank you to Dawn Smith for signing me up so we could run this race together from two different states.
79 Janet Sproule 33.55 This was my first run since I took a 3 day break due to injury. I chose my usual route starting at Gideon’s Green and running through Hazelbank Park but instead of continuing on until I reached 5K I turned around and went back the way I came once I hit the half way mark in case my injury started playing up. It was a good run, despite, or because of, the rain and I really enjoyed being back at it.
80 Heather Bachhofer 34
81 Frances Iturburua 34
82 Kristy Langford 34
83 Amy peterson 34
84 Cindy Anderson 34 What an awesome day for a run with the best girlfriends. We started out with a 2 minute silence in honour our war veterans and fallen soldiers, that was emotional. Sun was shining , sky was blue, a bit of snow on the ground , couldn’t have asked for a better day.
85 kristy langford 34
86 Liora Gomer 34.08
87 Simon Stevens 34.20
88 Sallyann Bingham 35
89 Alaina cooper 35
90 Audrey Fleming 35
91 Sherri Devaul 35
92 Nichole Briggs 35
93 Christine Parry 35 This is a photo of our little running group, based in the farming community of Chilliwack, BC, Canada (it is about 120 km’s east of Vancouver). The original group of 4 of us are in our 50’s. We started running together last year, meeting at 5:30 a.m. 3 times a week. Our goal was to run a half marathon on May 3rd, 2015. We started training in January, and completed the Vancouver BMO Half Marathon together. We went on to run the Scotiabank Half Marathon on June 28, also in Vancouver. We continue to meet for our early morning runs, and now our group is growing. We have a Facebook page called “Running in the Wack” , and we add new members every day. We post our planned runs and invite anyone who wants to join us. This morning’s run was awesome, as we welcomed another new runner to our group. It’s dark when we start, and just getting light when we finish – in time to see the sun rising over the mountains. And we always end with a group hug. :)
94 Marilyn Wolff 35.28
95 Martha Swick 36 A friend and I run our own 2 person Gobbler Gallop the morning of Thanksgiving. We run in Erie, PA, and for November 26th it was a rather nice day. It was warm, but breezy so it was a nice day for a 5K.
96 Mary McDade 36 A friend and I run our own 2 person Gobbler Gallop the morning of Thanksgiving. We run in Erie, PA, and for November 26th it was a rather nice day. It was warm, but breezy so it was a nice day for a 5K.
97 Michelle Bidwell 36 It was a chilly night and for the first time ever, there were no dog walkers! There were just a bunch of teenagers wishing me well on my run. My neighbourhood is really nice. I run within the roads, on the sidewalks at night. It’s so nice out here.
98 Jazmin Perez 36
99 Sharon Haussmann 36
100 Jane Allard 36.18
101 Jody Dowell 36.45 It was a great experience running around Rose Bowl!!!
102 Sharon Haussmann 3658 This was such a special run for me. I joined a 5 5ks in 5 days challenge and this was number 3 for me. It represented getting over the hump. Which is the best part of running. The race to the end, the knowledge you’re almost there. I want to give a big hug to all the runners out there. Though we are separated by distance we are joined together in our love and appreciation of running. Many blessings to you!! Sharon
103 Rufina Moreno 37
104 Susie Baisden 37
105 Deborah Garcia Negrete 37
106 Marcia Vitale 37
107 Jennifer Mosshammer 37
108 Debra Melendez 37
109 Jean Lofties 37 I had a great time completing this event with my friend Kelly who is also my biggest inspiration and supporter!
110 Regina Goolsby 37.13
111 Sherry Jackson 37.50 A very dear friend of mine got me into running about two years ago. I have come a long way since that first mile! I have lost weight and lead a much healthier lifestyle thanks to my friend. My huge hug goes out to Jodi Pressel!
112 Dawn Hansen 38
113 Deirdre Hill 38
114 Tammy Sconce 38
115 Kyla Jones 38
116 Marilen Gutierrez Garcia 38
117 Kimberly rogers 38
118 Simon Stevens 38.10
119 Tricia White 38.12
120 Deanna Brearey 39
121 Susan Gibbs 39 I got up early on Thanksgiving and ran. It was chilly, but not too bad & nobody was out on the roads yet. I am so much to be thankful for, but being able to run is one thing I treasure the most. I PR’d on this run & finally got in a sub 12 min mile!!!!
122 Cynthea Wilson 39 I ran with my friend Jennifer! We had a great time and actually ended up doing 4.3 miles instead of just 3.1! We started working together in March and realized we share our “love-hate” relationship with running! We love to hate it and hate to love it! We have run a half marathon together and will be doing another in December. What a great virtual race and a way to acknowledge how awesome runners are, no matter the pace!!!
123 Kathryn Ladino 39
124 Katie Olson 39 Your virtal runs have inspired me to start running/walking again. Thank you for this opportunity!
125 Tonya Hagenbaugh 39 Hug a runner is my 1st virtual 5k. This will be a perfect 1st medal for my I Run 4 buddy when I’m matched.
126 Liana Drake 39
127 Rhonda Luckett 39
128 Cathy Bellamy 39 It was windy, but on November 1 to be able to run outside in a tank top in Michigan is amazing!!!
129 Joy Barron 40 Great run with my running buddy/BFF!
130 Kandy Moulaison 40 I did the run with a great friend Mariya Thurston in Yarmouth Nova Scotia This was her first run and she did GREAT A beautiful day along a trail with beautiful scenery. Cant wait to do it again
131 Darlene Barron 40
132 sharon white 40 First rum in ages. Felt great to be back out with my friends
133 Elizbeth McHugh 40
134 Elziabeth MCHUGH 40 We ran the 5K Cookie Run in Ottawa Canada in support of the Girl Guides
135 Lori Pelletier 40 This was such a fun event to do with an awesome group of friends!
136 Stephanie Cozby 40
137 Estrellita Lopez 40
138 Ellen Vy 41
139 Chris Dowell 41 We had a great time running around the Rosebowl with friends during Thanksgiving Break.
140 Kristin Glowacki 41
141 Liana Drake 41
142 Edna Ferguson 41
143 Shelley Reese 41 I ran alone at dusk. I ran for myself because this was the first time ive been able to run since i pulled a ligament at a race 3 weeks ago. I chose a nice up and back route on a busy road, so I could watch everyone come and go for election voting. The scenery was nice, relaxing and busy. I loved that I could run at a pace where I felt comfortable, while helping out a charity along the way. The distance was a challenge because I was working out an injury but it went way better then I expected. The weather was amazing for an Ohio fall day in November.
144 Karin Pappin-O’Nrien 42
145 Julia Young 42
146 Carolina Chevalier 42 Looove my first virtual run because they are going to keep me accountable for my live races.
147 Kristen Pereira 42
148 Jeena Connor 42 I ran for myself, just to see if I could motivate myself to do a 5K without actually going to a race. Proud of myself and it was nice to know there was others out there “virtually” running with me!
149 Jackie Barnaby 42.64
150 Sheree Senti 43 I ran this 5K with a very special friend in mind she’s been with me through thick and thin and I wanted to give her a big hug for all the years we’ve known each other. Maria you you mean the world to me and I’ll always be be there for you like you are for me .
151 Nicole Standard 43 This was my first virtual 5k. I’m pretty happy with my time and looking forward to more virtual 5ks to work toward my goal of running a full 5k at a 10min mile pace by summer 2016.
152 Gaylene Dyck 43
153 Kim Overshiner 43 I used to run 5k’s many times per week. I have not been active in running in a long time so this felt amazing and I know I can begin again!
154 Bill Bolter 43 Did it … Not my best… But it is was it is
155 Wendy Ocheltree 43.15
156 Sabra Taylor 43.41 This was my first Virtual race – I am running in a Local Thanksgiving day race so I picked that course so I could see how challenging it would be – Cool Colorado day I run by myself – I enjoyed knowing that I am running for a cause and getting a Great medal when finished.
157 Dora Padilla 44
158 John Pape 44
159 Rhonda Knight 44
160 Alexandra Moreno 44 Enjoyed this run/walk with my 10 pound Pomeranian… So I’m dedicating this run to her.
161 Erica Leannah 44
162 Kim Poe 45
163 Kelly Sneek 45 Love these girls, great run!
164 Suzanne BarBee-Smith 45
165 Kirsty Close 45
166 Electa Naegele 45
167 caryl joseph caryl 45 a geart run in my favorite neighborhood.
168 Dana Hinton 47
169 Jennifer Beach 47.23
170 Jennifer Beach 47.23
171 Debbie Philippi 48 Thanksgiving Day tradition. I had a wonderful time walking with my step-daughter who did her first official 5K!
172 Carol Hilbinger 48.30
173 Michelle Huston 48.38
174 Christie Shell 49.12
175 Evie Shell 49.12
176 Claire Ashley 49.58
177 Brenda Rios 50 My colleagues and I ran together at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on a beautiful sunny Monday 11/23/15. We all are educators and we wanted to start our Thanksgiving Break off by running together and supporting each other. We had a great time.
178 Katrina Atley 50 I had a wonderful time completing this event. I did it with a few friends and we hugged before and after the walk
179 Mike Ellis 50
180 Terrie Walker 50 Color Vibe…Ran/walk…great weather 75 degrees. Nice lakes and camping grounds @ Rancho Jurupa park in Riverside,Ca. Challenges..unlevel, rocks and grass.
181 Sam Laskaris 50
182 Dawn Smith 50.06 I couldn’t get photo to download. If I get it to work I will resubmit. I pulled the emergency stop cord on the treadmill so I started over.
183 Amy Kovacs 52
184 Jen Boverhof 52
185 Rondalyn Reynolds 52
186 Kelly Nieuwbeerta 52.37
187 Adrienne Mackey 53 I took my dog Gypsy with me for this run. It’s the first time I ever ran with a dog. It was kind of fun. I guess I found a new running partner!
188 Marilyn Levinson 53 There is nothing better than Indian Summer weather in November for a walk. Although foliage is past peak color, with the blue sky it was still a really pleasant day
189 Kimberly Humphrey 54
190 jared mireles 55
191 riley mireles 55
192 jason mireles 55
193 Gareth Finlay 56
194 Pamela Paris 57
195 Demetrius Bereolos 58
196 Ruth Corbett 58
197 Seanna Wenzel 59 Love this!!!
198 Martha Foster 60 Glad to be getting in shape, and participating in your fun events!
199 Karen Doyle 65 Quicksilver Park is just simply an awesome place to exercise! You should go there! Beautiful views and the trail varies in inclines. This was a distance challenge for me!
200 Christina Dillon 70
201 LeeAnn Davidson 71 It was wonderful! I even stop and took time to photography this Osprey this morning.
202 Liora Gomer 73
203 Nichelle Davidson 73 This was a fun walk for me. My husband Drake Davidson is a runner, he’s run several full and half marathons, I thought this would be a nice tribute to him. He was kind enough to participate in this event with me, he walked and helped me with my pace. This is my first official 5k event where i was awarded a medal, I was very happy to complete the walk. Thanks for providing this opportunity.
204 Liora Gomer 84 I did this to keep my cousin Benny’s memory alive. He will always be in my heart ❤️
205 Aimee Dewacht 87
206 Pat Horne 90
207 Laura Brown 115 Hello, I did my hug a runner with my husband Robert Lewis Brown. He was in the hospital 24 hours before our trip to beautiful downtown Frankenmuth Mi. We walked the city streets all lite up with Christmas lights. We had amazing weather it was 60° out sun shine shining. It was a pure Michigan day. Thanks for having these virtual 5ks. We are doing the ugly sweater one next. Thanks Laura Brown
208 Robert Brown 119 I was just in the hospital 24 hours before we did this 5k in beautiful downtown Frankenmuth Mi. My wife and I walked a slower pace than normal taking in all the Christmas lights as we walked the city streets. It was a beautiful 65° day on Saturday morning in November. Thanks for offering them. Very nice medals! I will continue to be apart of these virtual 5ks Robert Brown
209 Michele Bigler 120
210 Sherry Stiles 125
211 Sabrina Carpenter 150