I Am a Moon Jogger — The Fabulous Fullenkamp Sisters

We are so happy to have this fabulous group of sisters as part of our Moon Jogger team and they have created an awesome video for us. Check it out below and also read their biography. Go Fabulous Fullenkamps!!!

Hi, my name is Patty, and I am a pedometer addict.  It’s true, I have been known to clip my pedometer to my underpants if a pocket is unavailable, and jog while brushing my teeth in order to get every step on record.  I have now recruited my sisters and daughter to join my addiction.  We are having a FABULOUS time being Moon Joggers!

The Fabulous Fullenkamp Sisters (+1) Moon Joggers Team family tree is rooted in small town South Dakota, however our branches have now spread to include to Arizona, California, Nebraska, USA & Brisbane, QLD, Australia as well.



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