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What is Moon Joggers?

Mars ad3Moon Joggers is looking for new crew members from around the globe, of all ages and fitness levels. This is a WORLDWIDE running and walking group. Connect with participants from around the globe!  We accept new members ALL YEAR LONG! Join us! And backlog your miles to January 1, 2017 if you’ve been keeping track. Move up the Moon Jogger rankings as you log your miles!

If you have a running group or something similar, we can even set up a team for you so you can see each other’s stats and how many miles you log as a group!  Email your team name to us at and we can set it up.

*So far we’ve logged more than 12 million miles!

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Join our 2018 mission JOURNEY TO JUPITER!

“We will laugh with you, cry with you, comfort you, bolster you, praise you, give you pointers, answer your questions, celebrate with you, mourn with you.. we don’t HAVE to actually see your face to care. And knowing that we all care will make the paths we share smoother, easier and more fun!!”  
-Carolyn Guhman, New Orleans

How It Works:

1. You sign up and set a goal for how many miles you will run in 2015 and which ranking you will achieve.

2. During the year you log your miles on our website. You’ll move up the rankings as you reach your goal.

3. Along with achieving your personal goal, all of your miles contribute to our grand total of miles to get to Mars!

*Check out the OFFICIAL RULES HERE (find out how to include biking and swimming miles too)

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