I Am a Moon Jogger: Sheila Dawe

Moon Jogger Spotlight

sheila daweSay hello to fellow Moon Jogger: Sheila Dawe

Tell us a little bit more about you. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living? What makes you happy? Tell us anything that you want the team to know.  I am turning 50 years old next year…very excited to be in a new age category. I have big plans for 2014 – I will be running a spring marathon (hoping to BQ), I will be going back to Lost Souls to complete the 100 mile, and I will be going to NY marathon after being there in 2012 when it was cancelled. I live in Canada and work for the Government in Fisheries. If I could I would retire and just travel. I enjoy reading, vegging out and of course running and/or walking. I am single with no kids and thus I am a little bit selfish which suits me just fine. I am a runner/endurance person.

When did you first start walking/running? What motivated you to start walking/running? 1999 for running before that 1993 for long distance walking. I believe that it was solely the challenge of pushing my body and seeing what I was capable of that motivated me to do long distances. I started to run to lose weight. When I first began running I knew instantly that I would want to run a marathon. The drive was so tangible I could taste it. It took me 2 years from no running to running my first marathon.

What do you love most about running/walking? How does it make you feel? I love the “me” time. Being away from everything for long periods of times allows me to connect with my own thoughts, despite forgetting them as soon as I get back home. A runner is who I have become and part of my identity. I love ALL races. I enjoy having a goal, setting up a training plan, following it and then having fun on race day. I am always beaming with joy post a race no matter what the results are.sheila dawe 3

Who in your life inspires you? Who do you want to dedicate this year of running to?  My brother initially inspired me to begin running and was very influential in the early years. Now my mother Catherine Campbell, another Moon Jogger, continues to inspire me as she finds ways to continue to run well into her 70’s. I want to dedicate this year and next year to my oldest brother who is battling some health issues but has been one of my biggest fans.

Describe one of your favorite running/walking experiences that you’ve had in your life: One of my favorite…there is so many. Ran Boston in 2008 and 2009. 2008 was high up there as it is unbelievable the fans that support. I believe I had a smile on the whole event. Finishing my first 100 km event was unbelievable. I wished I could say the same for this year in the 100 mile event but perhaps next year that will become my new favorite experience. There was one other race.6.4 km where I probably had the best race of my life. I came in 2nd place female. It was a pretty awesome experience to be running and passing a bunch of guys. At the time I thought I might have been 1st place female but there was a young girl that beat me by minutes.

What is the longest distancesheila dawe 4 you have ever walked/ran in one day? 82 miles.

What is your most embarrassing running/walking experience? I have run a couple times with my pants on backwards. I thought at the time that is odd I have never noticed that color patch on the leg. I have nearly been caught peeing on the trails. As I haven’t been truly caught, it is not an embarrassing moment yet. I am always paranoid that I will have my pants on inside out – often during a marathon I have been caught looking down there just to make sure.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?  I am a sponge to advice. Go slow, it’s okay to walk up hills, drink often, save the speed for race day, during taper it is better to lean on the side of caution – when in doubt leave it out – there is nothing to be gained in the final 2 weeks. Best advice I could give someone is consistency. Stick to training, better to do a little on regular basis. Break down the distance into manageable portions. I am a firm believer in walk/run programs. Each qualification for Boston was done with 10 and 1’s. All races I run I do run/walks – I think they are my key to success.sheila dawe2

What obstacles or challenges have you faced as you’ve tried to live a life of health and fitness? Before I began running I had ACL surgery on one knee. Running helped my knee as it strengthened the muscles around it adding to my stability. Then in 2010 I fell down the stairs and tore a tendon in my other knee. It has been a slow recovery, I am not as fast a runner as I was, but I still do the best I can. One must learn that you do your best, and you only can go as fast as your body is capable of. My knees continue to bother me but I know that with running they are actually improving as I strengthen all the other muscles.

What does this next year of running/walking mean to you? Why do you want to go to the moon? What will it mean to you when you have reached your goal?     This year was sort of serendipitous. With great trepidation, I joined Facebook late in 2012. Through that found Moon joggers from the Facebook site of the race I was training for. I had never kept yearly track of my mileage so it is difficult to comprehend what it all means. This year is definitely my highest mileage year ever. I love the camaraderie I have found with Moon Joggers and look forward to eventually meeting some of them.

Anything you’d like to add? I guess I would mention that there has never been a marathon that I haven’t liked. For that matter there has never been a race that I haven’t liked/loved. There is something so fantastic about racing…it embraces my heart and is so fulfilling. I never imagined that I would be able to go to the places I have and be able to run in so many different cities. It would be my dream to one day run in every state and province and as many countries as possible. Moon Joggers has made me believe that this might become more than just a dream. Running/walking has so many advantages. Enjoying the weather year round, getting plenty of fresh air, building stronger bones, looking younger, feeling great and when one races then one looks forward to the significant birthdays as they finally change an age category. My dream one day (dare I say it) would be to place in a race. Perhaps if I keep at this long enough I will. It is so great to have Moon Joggers where we can all share our passion for running/walking/jogging and support each other year round. Keep on moving and there is no limit to what we can do!!



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