Moon Joggers Week 12 News & Announcements


Hope you all had a great week and a fun and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We know that many of you participated in St. Patrick’s Day walking/running events and we look forward to seeing all of the photos in this week’s results video.  Please email your photos to

Currently we have 23,047miles logged for March.  Our goal is 75,000…PLEASE LOG YOUR MILES!! It’s a hefty goal, but we know we can do it.
We are super excited about our first ever virtual event for Moon Joggers!  The full moon in March is named the FULL WORM MOON, and in honor of that, we invite you to join us for the Full Worm 10K & 5K! We invite each of you to join us and to invite your friends and family to participate.   At the end of the event we will have a drawing to give out gift cards to AMAZON and Moon Joggers T-shirts!  Please sign up and run with us!  The event starts next week.  You can run your race anytime between Monday, March 25 and Sunday, March 31.  The actual full moon is on Wednesday, March 27 if you want to make that your event day.  PLEASE SIGN UP!!!  You’ll get a nifty Full Worm window decal and be entered into a cool drawing.  Plus, proceeds from this event go into making Moon Joggers an even better experience for all involved.  We want to have more contests, give out more prizes, and make the website even better and more user friendly.  Click here to  SIGN UP NOW!  Plus, all of the miles from our virtual race are going to help us reach our goal of 75,000 miles this month!

Also, we have updated the EVENTS section on the website.  It has a list of events that Moon Joggers are participating in all over the world! Be sure to check it out and add any events that you are participating this year.  It’s an amazing list and we are excited to watch it grow.  Check it out here.

Have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Jogging!

Ang & Ash
Moon Jogger Maniacs!



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