Moon Joggers Week 14: Welcome to April…will there be a moon landing this month?


Goodbye March and Hello April!  Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely April Fools Day and that you’ve been able to play a few jokes! This is a big month for us here at Moon Joggers.  This could possibly be the month that we LAND ON THE MOON!   Currently, we have logged 161,642 miles, which places us about 78,000 miles from the moon.  To step on the moon this month, we really need you to do something for us.

PLEASE LOG YOUR MILES!! We know there are miles from the past month or two that have not been logged yet, so PLEASE update your logs.  Click here to log your miles:  Thank you! It’s so exciting to see the miles adding up!

Also, now that spring has arrived for many of us, the snow is beginning to melt, which means better running weather and more miles of walking/running for Moon Joggers!  If you have fallen behind, please re-commit yourself to get out there and reach your goal!  Don’t worry about how many miles you have to catch up on, just get out there and get moving.  Each mile is important and will help us to reach our group goal of LANDING ON THE MOON!!!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the FULL WORM 10K & 5K!  We had a great turnout and have received so many great photos and a lot of positive feedback!  For those of you that did participate, please send us your results by Tuesday, April 2 at midnight! We’ll announce winners of the drawing and post results on Wednesday!!!

Please send us any photos you’ve taken from your running/walking this past week so we can post them on the results video. Email them to

One last thing. We will be updating our EVENTS page this week.  Check it out and be sure to post any events that you are participating in this year.  It’s fun to see how many events we have, all over the world, that Moon Joggers are participating in.  Go to the EVENTS PAGE to post your events!

Have a great week!!

Happy Jogging!

Ang & Ash
Moon Jogger Maniacs



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