Mother’s Day 5K Results

Thank you so much for participating in our Mother’s Day 5K!

You can download a bib here if you would like one:  Mothers 5K Bib


Scroll down to post your results if you haven’t already done so.  Here are the current results:

1 Jonothan Heap 20.26
2 Adam Gilfillan 21.33
3 amy flanagan 22 My mom passed away 8 years ago and never got to see me run. I’m going to hang her medal for her on her headstone.
4 Jake Palomaki 23
5 Michael Joyce 23 I ran this 5k for my mother because she goes to all of the family races
6 Rachel Davis 23
7 Tammy Wilson 23
8 Christopher Jones 24
9 dawn gruber 25 Ran a 5K at Lake Lawn Lodge in Delavan Wisconsin on a chilly, wet morning on Mother’s day, Sunday May 10th- posted a personal best of 25:11. Sent my mom’s medal out for her to have on Mother’s Day with a note that I will be running in her honor and even though I was not with her physically, I was with her in spirit. She hung her medal where she can see it all the time when she sits in her favorite chair! My family- husband and daughter were there to support me and sat in the rain waiting for me to finish.
10 Louis Bedard 25
11 barbra vanriper 26.5
12 Courtenay Guthrie 26.51 I pushed myself and when I felt like giving up, I thought about my mom never giving up on me and increased my speed. Thanks for giving me the ability to show her I love and appreciate her in such a symbolic way. I think she will be touched.
13 Renee Brown 27 It was a wonderful run for me today. It is my birthday and I thought this would be a great time for me to run for my Mom. Love you Mom!!!!!!!!
14 Frank Volpe 27.00 This one is for you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!
15 Nicole Heap 27.14
16 Kimberly Kerns 27.27
17 LaWanna Lucas 28
18 Erica Jones 28
19 anabel fierro 28 Dedicated this run to my mom on May 9th. And i got 3rd place female 25 to 29.
20 Shannon Johnson 28
21 Leslie Payne 28 Personal best for a 5K…super pumped!!! Did my virtual run in the neighborhood. Weather was perfect 50 degrees, breezy. Listened to showtunes radio. Super run…excited to break the 30 minute barrier.
22 Kristina Gladstone 28 So this was a run only a mother could love. Hot day, no water before, Garmin shit a brick (so I had to use my dad’s), shoes and feet didn’t feel right for the first two miles, slower than last race, the list could go on. But I digress. My mom insists that we don’t do anything for her on Mother’s Day but that isn’t acceptable to me so this year I did something different. Normally she takes my pic at the end of the race with my time but not this one. I want to surprise her with her medal When I get the medal I think I’ll take her (and our dog Macy) for a walk around the neighborhood and at the end give her the medal. She will have ‘earned’ it that way. :) As if she doesn’t everyday!!! LOVE THE MOMS!!!
23 Kristina Gladstone 28 So this was a run only a mother could love. Hot day, no water before, Garmin shit a brick (so I had to use my dad’s), shoes and feet didn’t feel right for the first two miles, slower than last race, the list could go on. But I digress. My mom insists that we don’t do anything for her on Mother’s Day but that isn’t acceptable to me so this year I did something different. Normally she takes my pic at the end of the race with my time but not this one. I want to surprise her with her medal When I get the medal I think I’ll take her (and our dog Macy) for a walk around the neighborhood and at the end give her the medal. She will have ‘earned’ it that way. :) As if she doesn’t everyday!!! LOVE THE MOMS!!!
24 Michelle Tovar 28 My little girl racing for me, me for my mom, and my mom for her mom as she watches from heaven, all running together through a mountainous terrain. For each other and with each other; what a wonderful and encouraging feeling.
25 Ruth Bartholomew 29 I ran a 5k … in the pouring rain… soaked all the way down to the swimming pools in my shoes. Mile 2 was actually pretty pleasant… mile 3 turned into the wind and rain and drops rolled off my eyelashes down onto my face… Decidedly less pleasant, but done nonetheless! :)
26 ‘mione Morgan 29 I was intending to run the Mothers’ Day virtual 5 km this weekend but we are travelling to see my mother-in-law for mother’s day and I am unsure whether I will get out to run so it was a treadmill run this morning, dedicated to my mum. Not much scenery but there is a new mural painted on the wall at my gym and great music videos playing. I also ended up with a PR – sub 30 minutes for the first time – 29 minutes 20 seconds!! Great fun and I am looking forward to signing up for more virtual events – might be time to earn a medal for Dad next :)
27 Debbi Spencer 29
28 Myah McCottry 29
29 Carey Borgens 29
30 Kirstie Crist 29 Today, I ran for my mother, Aleta. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but she’s always been the one person I can always confide in no matter what. She’s a gentle, caring woman who deserves the best. So today, I dedicate my Mother’s Day 5K to her, because I want to share with her something that I am passionate about, running.
31 Debra Jones 29 Thank you for this great “race”! I ran for my 92 year old mother and can’t wait to giver her the medal on Mother’s Day. This will be her first race medal and I am sure she will be surprised :) It will be especially sweet because we live on opposite ends of the country and I haven’t seen her for several years. Thank you for helping to keep running fun!
32 Renee Sandidge 29.38 I didn’t realize the run was tonight. I got home kind of late and didn’t want to go in the dark so I ran on the treadmill – watched Weekend at Bernie’s!
33 Denise Powell 30
34 Bob White 30 OK, so I did a 10k 64 min., for this since I am blessed with two great mothers, my mom who has passed 2 years ago and my mother-in-law I consider her a mom. I also ran this for my wife who is by far the best mother my children could have. I was going to run a 15k, but I have been slacking with work, school, and family leaves little me time. So, that being said I hope this helps Vitamin Angels, as well as blessing all mothers on this great well deserved day. Happy Mother’s Day to all.
35 shemar mccottry 30
36 Summer Aldridge 30 Ran in the pouring rain this morning. Great run however, my knuckle light doesn’t shine too far ahead and I ran through a couple of water puddles. One thing I dislike is running in wet socks and shoes. It made it that much harder to run up the hills. I powered through though.
37 Antonio Guitron 30
38 Amanda Erhard 30.24
39 Stacey Bain 30.30 My my mom, Nancy McMurray and my Mother-in-law, Gloria Bain
40 Lindsey Taylor 30.46
41 Shawnell Blattler 31 This was a tender sweet run. It was awesome to be able to dedicate this to my mother. I think she appreciated it and felt loved :) Also made me try a little harder knowing i was doing this for someone I love dearly.
42 Carrie Romero 31 I ran by myself on my treadmill for one of the 5Ks, and the other was in the park. I ran for my Mom and for my Mother-in-Law… both were thrilled to get the medal at the end!
43 Stephen Currier 31
44 Jamie McCormack 31
45 Johnna Carre 31 Ran the Indy Mini-Marathon. Not fully trained so some parts were a struggle. Finished in 2:31! Still an accomplishment! and ran for my mom that has been gone for 8 years this June. Can’t wait to adorn her garden with her Mother’s Day medal. A Great Mom. Never far away!
46 Jenny Long 31.26
47 cathleen scott 32 have to continue to push yourself to attain goals. god bless all the mothers!!
48 Suzanne Currier 32
49 Rachel Aguirre 32
50 Rose Dzoba 32
51 Jenny Long 32.48
52 Anita Newsome 33 I ran my Mother’s Day 5k along Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska while on a family vacation. It was 70 degrees and sunny. Spotted a “You Are Beautiful” sticker on a post along the route and it just made my day. Sent my Mom her medal from Anchorage, Alaska before returning home to Michigan.
53 Jane Allard 33
54 Peggy Alf-Sechtig 33 A perfect, cool & cloudy, morning to run in Lodi, Wi. How they fit 2 large hills into a 5K I’m not sure but they did. Nice fundraiser for the community!
55 Sharon Brown 33 This one’s for you Mom! Thanks for all you do! Luv U
56 Jenifer Cross 33 I ran the Indy Mini recently and had a great time! It was time spent in prayer as I ran – prayed for family, friends. It was a beautiful day, and it was a wonderful experience. I am blessed.
57 Belinda Castillo 33
58 Chris Oliver 33
59 Patricia Simmons 33 Ran/Walked with my daughter.
60 Deidre Robert 3351
61 Sara Jensen 34
62 Shanon Freeman 34
63 karen damerow 34
64 Dietra Moore 34 I ran this for my mom!!
65 Tevia Lindow 34
66 Deidre Robert 34
67 Paul Waddell 34.44 I ran on the Cleveland Tn.greenway it was just springing rain. I had a good coach pushing me. My runkeeper app. Was stopped at 3.1 mile. But when I looked again it registered 3.08. Its ok My coach had 3.1 on his.
68 Suzanne Adams 35
69 Cheryl Reimer 35
70 Kimberly Graham 35
71 Alexia-Marie Osburn 35 Didn’t realize how hard just a 5k could be. But I pushed myself and keeping in mind that this run was dedicated for my mom help me to conquer the mother’s day 5k! Couldn’t have thought of a better reason to run a race :)
72 Greta Kephart 35
73 Macil Melton 35
74 Jessica Dorman 35.32
75 Ramona Noland 36 My goal was to run in 37 minutes or less, and I made it in 36:40! Thank you for organizing this event! It was fun and I’m sure to do more in the future.
76 Marley Harrison 36
77 Debbie Bush 36 I ran this training run with my son. He is my favorite running buddy, and he joins me at least once a week. We always have a great time. I dedicate this 5K to my mom.
78 Michelle Harris 36 I ran my 5k on Mother’s Day in Pgh doing the Susan G Komen race for the cure. I have walked this race with family for many years, started running it 3 yrs ago. I love pgh. Grew up there. Will have to say this Mother’s Day was the hottest i can remember.
79 Elizabeth Brown 36 I chose to run for my mother who is 76 this year. My fourteen year old daughter agreed to run with me. This was my first 5k of the year and I plan to run for my father in June increasing to a 10k, he is 11 hours younger than my mother. Both live far away and I wanted to do something to celebrate their lives. I plan on training for my first half marathon this year and I will be running with my daughter who in in the Air Force. My course was run where I usually train, in the Snowy Range mountains of Wyoming. I love it here because I can see all kinds of wildlife and can venture off course and take trails if I so choose. This was a fun run!
80 Glenda Langton 36
81 Ryan Hamilton 36
82 Caitlin Rambo 36
83 Heidi Noel 36
84 Rebecca Evans 36.19 I ran after I got home from work. It was rainy weather.. no thunder or lightning. so it was fun!!
85 Ronda Syverson 37
86 Lyric Franklin 37
87 Lisa Franklin 37
88 Debi Logan 37 One of my favorite moms with me, JoAnn, best bud, as we went running for our Moms. Happy Mother’s Day! This course is on our normal running route out my front door, 3.2. As friends do, we got chatting after our run and almost forgot to get a photo, I surprised her with the medal before the run. Too excited she jogged the entire distance, first time for her. Yay Jo! So proud this goal was achieved on this run for our Moms!
89 Lisa Franklin 37
90 Barbara Rodgers 37.33 Beautiful, warm spring day. Ran with my running group.
91 Steve Griffiths 37.5
92 Mike Colby 38
93 Julie Moir 38
94 Kathey Jett 38 This was a great 5k me and my daughter did it together!! I ran for my mother who is 80 and can not get around. we ran our trails down at the lake its so beautiful there.
95 Brenda Gehlhoff 38 Mother’s Day 5k in the RAIN!!!!! Both of my kids did part of it with me :-) very proud of them for freezing their butts off with me :-) I’m very blessed with some pretty great kids! !!
96 Anna-Lisa Wanack 38 Great fun, wish I had felt better. Had planned on a gorgeous outdoor park run but rain moved me indoors. Walked for a mile but ran the last part so I know my time is not what I am capable of but hey, it’s mother’s day – give me a little break!!!
97 Cindi Newman 38
98 Tisha Walls 38
99 Elizabeth Edwards 38.56
100 Christine Sistad 3824
101 Elizabeth Argubright 39 Ran at Hardberger Park, beautiful place for a peaceful run
102 Alicia Jones 39
103 Karlyn Carpenter 39
104 Katie Stahl 39 Florida- super hot – showing how much I love my mama!
105 Dawn Hansen 39
106 Jennifer Styron 39
107 Julie Andress 39 I love this idea of the Mother’s Day 5K. I struggle with what to get my mom each year for mother’s day and when I saw this I thought it was a great gift! She is always supportive of my running so this is a fitting present for her!
108 Jessica Danko 40 I ran this with my 6 1/2 year old pup!
109 Barbara Zinerco 40
110 Lisa Cupps 40
111 Miwa Martinez 40
112 Racheal Roberts 40 I enjoyed running this 5K for my mom and step-mom!
113 Donald Lapham 40
114 Karen Martin 40
115 Claire Toms 40
116 Aracely Flores 40
117 Julie Andress 40
118 Marilyn Wolff 40.06
119 Marilyn Wolff 40.06
120 Cynthia Anderson 41 Team Decker had a great run! Not my fastest time but it was an emotional run for me! Enjoyed the Boise, ID weather early in the morning and beautiful weather!
121 Becky Lee 41
122 Anna Vanho 41
123 Kimberly Gilbert 41.53
124 Articia Burrell 42 I walked on the beach with my friend Pat. It’s always beautiful to walk on the beach.
125 Candace Newsom 42
126 Elizabeth Parker 42
127 Lindsey Parker 42
128 Angel Winn 42
129 olivia seal 42
130 LAKISHA ANDERSON 42 My running group decided to make it a “Go Green 5K Run” for anyone wanting to get in their 5K for the Moonjoggers Mother’s Day Run. We mapped out a route near Flowood, MS and discovered it was exactly 4 miles instead of the 3.1 for 5K…so we decided to include “a green smoothie starter kit” as a bonus for anyone who ran the full 4 miles! It was awesome! Lakisha Anderson
131 Heather Elliott 42
132 Lauren Ziolkowski 42
133 faith foster 42.00 me and my sister do the Cincinnati flying pig every year. this year my oldest son got married on the day to the race, so me and my sister ran our own race on the Friday before. we walked and jogged down around fountain square for our mom. we are running the “lady tutu 5k” on may 30th here in Cincinnati with our “we run for our mom” tags. ill let ya know how it went and also send pics
134 Susan Williams 42.07 I combined a scheduled 5K (The Katybug Shuffle) benefiting Childhood Leukemia, wearing my Mom of an Angel (In Memory of my daughter Kimberly) for the Mother’s Day 5K (In Memory of my Mother). It was a course filled with many ups and downs (hills) just like my journey through grief. The humidity was at 99% which made it so hard to breath…a feeling felt so often, but I know my Mother and Kimberly were both cheering me on every single step!
135 Verne Brummett 42.09
136 Stacie Ortiz 43
137 Lindsay Collins 43 I ran for my momma who lives far away from me, I miss her a lot. Was a tough run as I have been sick and can’t get rid of this cough. I was a slow run but I still did it. Love you momma
138 Daneene Kelley 43
139 Cassandra Wallace 43.25
140 Rachel Rybicki 44
141 Tiffany Huntoon 44 I love my mom! So happy to combine my love for her and running!
142 Kristi Kelton 44
143 Kristin Glowacki 44 I did the run with my 7 month old daughter while trying to get back in shape after having her.
144 Tracy Doane-Weideman 44 This was actually 3.3 miles but was quite fun and I am sure my Mom will be surprised to get the medal and photo since I can not be with her on Mother’s Day. This is a good practice as my goal for this year is a 10K and a 1/2 marathon by years end.
145 Lorin Timbal 45 I ran this 5k by myself at Beaver Dam park in VA. It was wonderful to jog through the lush greenery, and I ran through countless spider webs, but it was worth it! It was my first 5k, actually, but it was more of a dance mix since my iPod came along! I always try to give unique gifts, and this was a fantastic idea. My mom has been on vacation over Mother’s Day, so today after work I will be surprising her with the medal. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity!
146 Pamela Paris 45
147 Pennie Mancuso 45 Miss you Momma!
148 Vanessa Ayala 45
149 Joanna Iglesias 45
150 Abby Smith 46
151 Ayesha Williams-Islam 46
152 Kristy Mills 46 I Run 4 EmiLee. I did this race even knowing that my upper respiratory infection could have gotten the best of me, but I made sure do walk at a pace I was comfortable with and knew to take breaks if I needed to.
153 Deb Betty 47
154 Kelly Oelmann 47 i ran this at the gym on the treadmill. Was a walk run type of job but I made it and survived. Had to run indoors because of my allergies outside. I ran this for my Mom. Gave her the medal and wrote the date and my time on the back. She was very proud of my accomplishment.
155 Jennifer Beach 47.12
156 Jennifer Elliott 48
157 kim murray 48
158 Karla Mitchelar 48
159 Berta Akimtsev 49
160 Lori Mcclurg 50
161 francine lash 50
162 Mark Harrison 50
163 Alan Dennis 50
164 Melanie Guns 50
165 Cynthia Pierce 50.5 Great time with my children. Got a high five from my son as he whizzed by and a hand to hold from my daughter. Life is great!
166 Mary Thweatt 51
167 Rochelle Zangardi 51 It was great to do this run with my husband!
168 Jen Sciuto 52 I learned about the Mother’s Day 5k after Mother’s Day had already passed so I decided to run it for my mom on her birthday! I used RunKeeper to keep track of my mileage and just ran around my neighborhood. I moved less than a month ago so I took the opportunity to explore, which made my 5k go by so much faster! The route also involved hills and stairs- two of my weaknesses, so I will be utilizing it again for sure. The hills definitely made it a challenge, which was evident with my longer run time than usual- although I did have to stop a few times to take pictures and gaze at my new surroundings.
169 Shelley Kemp 52 I loved doing this walk! I walk for my mom because she can’t walk. This made her so happy to be a part of this walk.
170 Elizabeth Aguilar 52 This run was actually completed on May 3, 2015. What I learned from this run was it SUCKS to be sick. My health took a nose dive in April and my running did the same. It was just bronchitis due to allergies. Even though I had been taking my allergy medication religiously, between family and work, my body apparently said, “Enough! You’re going to rest even if it means illness has to be a part of it. So I rested. On May 3rd I decided it was time to try to get back in the game. It was a very, very slow 5K for me, but when it was done, the feeling of success was well worth it. Of course, I haven’t run since May 3rd mainly because I’m afraid of a relapse in health, both with my feet and my bronchitis. I have been waiting it out. Today I feel hopeful and will try to get out there again. If I had not committed myself to completing these virtual runs, it would have been easy to just call it quits. Reading about the struggles and success of fellow moon joggers also helps. So glad to be part of this community!
171 Loraine White 52
172 Natasha Brand 52
173 Terri Shondeck 52
174 Gail Conner 53
175 Rose Adams 53.28
176 Jo Ann Reaves 54 I came home from work frustrated and tired and knew I wouldn’t have time over the weekend to do this run/walk so I laced up my shoes and hit my treadmill. I feel so much better now. I’m hoping to motivate my mother to do some more walking. I love her and I’d like to keep her around for a while longer. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful group and to the moms (and dads who had to play both rolls) God bless you all.
177 Amanda Walsh 54
178 cailynn moore 55
180 Joani Pederson 5520 I walked with my 7 yr old grandson who has wanted to do a 5K for awhile. He was whining after only 1 mile and I was planning on doing 4.5 miles so I made him a deal and turned it around so it was 3.20 miles! We walked, sprinted against each other, played king of the hill, checked out all the stars and constellations and had a great time together! I had signed up for this prior to the sudden passing of my mom one month ago so this was the best way for me to get my walk/run in and get through it!
181 Kathy Brammer 56
182 Megan Madoyi 56.53 I did the Mothers Day 5K with my 6 year old son. Last year he started Cross country and I was too heavy and out of shape to join in. I wanted to share my sons joy and be healthy, so I started walking. I did my first 5k walk on my birthday this April to challenge myself, and today for the first time, I completed a 5K with my son. We walked a course to his school and back, and I loved just spending time with him and being active. When we finished he said he was so proud of me for doing my best (as we walked instead of run). This was the best mothers day. Thank you Moon Joggers for giving me a private and personal 5k with my son with a reward for both of us to always remember! I may not be the fastest, but I did it! We did it!
183 Camilo Gondran 57
185 G Ritchie 57.23 My run was in honor of my beautiful daughter who is celebrating her first Mothers Day. I took along my little cheerleader but he slept the whole time.
186 Pam Ellis-Phipps 58
187 jennifer kauffman 58 Great time running for my birthday/mother’s day with my husband and girls!
188 Ellen Rohr 59.08
189 Guinda Kushin 60 Today my friend Terry and I walked outside and with having to wait for traffic so we could walk on the bike trail it took a little bit longer. It was 65 degrees and sunny.
190 Teresa Huntley 60 Today my friend Guinda and I walked outside and with having to wait for traffic so we could walk on the bike trail it took a little bit longer. It was 65 degrees and sunny. I love the virtual runs. With our schedules not matching all the time we can count on a 5k to catch up with our lives.
191 Linda Boutin 60 Loved doing this walk/run in honor of my 94 yr old Mom who is still alive and well. My Mom really got a kick out of me doing this and for receiving a medal without leaving her recliner chair!
192 Pennie Mancuso 60 I ran this for my momma, who left us in 2013, it was a hard day and I ended it at the gate of her last home. Took me sometime to stop crying long enough to get home.
193 Meggie Aikens 60
195 Darlene Aguirre 60
196 Carmen Sanchez 60
197 Oscsr Matos 61
198 ATesia Eggleston 62
199 Claudia McCall 62 So proud to be my mother’s daughter. She inspires me daily with her fight against ovarian cancer.
200 Sarah Byrd 62.03 I have really slacked off the past couple of months and I waited to the last day to walk this 5k for my mom and grandmothers. I went to the gym so I could us the treadmill to track my time and miles, which I didn’t realize that it would automatically cut off at 60 minutes. I started over so I could finish the 3.1. This is the slowest I have finished a 5k but it is my starting over point to get back on my feet.
201 Heidi Hodgkinson 65
202 Luanne Stanley 65
203 Cerah Christensen 67 I did the walk with my 70 year old mother. For me fitness wasn’t a priority when I was younger, but I have made it a priority in my forties in order to live a healthier live and help protect myself again a family history of illness.
204 Diane Hatfield 68
205 Jeanette Ostman 72
206 Matthew Miller 76
207 Kristy Luchini 77 Did this by myself in the mist/rain! Felt good, will be going again this weekend with my little ones so they can complete theirs!
208 Jennifer Miller 80 This was my first 5K back after hurting my back somehow so my time is back to what it was when I started. Very excited to get back and work towards my goals again!
209 anna ku 80
210 Humberto Paniagua 80 It is an amessing experience running specially in this day where we can celebrated with our families
211 Isabella Luchini 84
212 Christine Gonzalez 84.29 I ran for my wonderful mother for the Mother’s Day 5k. She is my biggest cheerleader in my quest to be more active and I wanted to do this one for her! She is the most caring and giving person I know. I wouldn’t want any other mom
213 Edwina Peaden 90 Walking for me and my Mom. She lost all of her toes and then her left leg to diabetes. I have vowed not to walk in her ‘diabetes footsteps’ so I am walking for my health: to loose 50 lbs, to reduce my bllod pressure, to reduce my A1C. These I do for Mom! I love you and miss you so much Mommy.
214 Samantha Updegraff 92
215 Karin Zimba 93 I don’t have a photo so I’ll share my experience. I completed this 5k for my mom (of course!) on Mother’s Day. It was a very special gift for her since it was the first 5K I’ve been able to complete since my cancer returned for the 3rd time last fall. I walked (can’t run right now) among the beautiful trees and flowers of the Cornell Plantations in Ithaca, NY with my husband and my 11 year old daughter. It was very hard at first, but I pushed on for my Mom and for my health and to celebrate life and was able to complete the “run”. It took a little longer than it used to take me but every minute was amazing! PS My Mom was thrilled to receive the medal!
216 Willow Luchini 102
217 Carmen Mickley 134.57 I decided to do a run for my mom. This is something I love to do but it makes it more special to be able to do this for someone else. I asked my mom how many hours she was in labor with me and she told me 8 hours so I made a goal for myself to do a mile for each hour she was in labor. ( thank goodness it wasn’t 16 LOL) Now… I am still a rookie at this, I barely make 3 miles at each run but I wanted to challenge myself beyond something I would ever think I could do. It was painful, I wanted to quit, I had tears running down my face from the pain, but I pushed through just like she did when she delivered me and became my mother. Our relationship has had its very hard times, it has had its good times and she is now a wonderful grandmother to my son who has special needs. When I achieved my 8 miles today I was filled with so much joy, and how special to have the opportunity to do this for my mother. It was the perfect day, the scenery was gorgeous, it was along the river here in my town and I now feel like I can challenge myself to even more things, it is amazing what you are capable of doing if you just believe you can do it. Happy Mothers Day Gracie Mata!!
218 Vivianne Israel 180 We did a four generation walk about at Knott’s Berry Farm. My daughter, also registered for this Mom’s Day race. Each of us doing the Mom Race for our respective Grandma. Tiffany racing for her Grandmas Ani-Poo and Grandma Barb. Myself racing for my Grandma Minnie. Our Grandmas LOVED Knotts; I went there frequently as a child and my daughter used to work there as Smokey Bear, The Easter Bunny, and a Witch in Camp Spooky during Halloween. So doing our distance, however slow, at this location seemed a perfect homage. This way we represented four generations of ladies in our family. One of the second Mom’s day medals will be mounted in a small shadow box. Once we (my daughter and I) do the Father’s Day race (walking through an International Sherlock Holmes exhibit at a local museum), myself and my Dad love Sherlock Holmes. I will then mount my 2nd Father’s Day medal in the small shadow box next to the medal for my Mom. In this way my parents will be participating in my many races; which I feel privileged to be able to do, after my difficult “cancer makeover”.


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