Perry is Running for Charity! Two of them!

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PERRY IS RUNNING FOR A CAUSE! Two of them in fact! As of 10/11/14 we have raised the following funds:

  • $609.65 for Sunshine Heroes (Goal: $15,000)
  • $1,449.50 for Koru Care of New Zealand (Goal: $15,000)

Please help Perry reach his goal of raising at least $15,000 for both of these amazing charities. We can do it! (There is also an option to donate to help cover the costs of Perry’s Run –  lodging, food, fuel, etc). THANK YOU!
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Click the map for more details on our route!

Click the map for more details on our route!

Wednesday October 15
We left at 4:15 AM to get started several miles south of Payson, AZ. We plan to end near Scottsdale, AZ. Tomorrow we will travel from Scottsdale AZ towards Wickenburg, AZ.

***Perry invites you all to join up with Moon Joggers on our 2014 VOYAGE TO VENUS! Our goal is to log 25 million miles as a group this year (the distance to Venus) and we are looking for more and more people to SHARE YOUR MILES! Log your walking, running, biking and swimming miles with us and HELP US GET TO VENUS! 

Sign up for FREE or use promo code PERRY to save 50% on any of our paid registrations to receive a t-shirt, medal and other goodies! SIGN UP NOW at  VOYAGE TO VENUS!

Voyage to Venus Medal

Voyage to Venus Medal



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