A Ramble From the Heart

A Ramble From The Heart!!!
by Perry Newburn

Why do I run? As in the last blogs I have given you all a glimpse of how running has helped to reshape my life, how it has helped me to survive, and how it has helped my Mental Wellness. It has been a passion of mine over recent years to push the message of how any form of exercise – doesn’t matter whether its walking, running biking, swimming, kids playing with their mates – goes a long way to helping people feel “mentally” well.

How many times have people said after a long hard day “I cant be bothered doing anything…” But after putting on their shoes and getting out the door they have come back a much happier person. The “ distress” that goes with it can be huge. A classic statement I once heard from a fellow runner was “ I had had a very long stressful day at work and when arriving home my wife wanted to sit and talk about the day. I was too wound up so said I needed to go for a half hour run. When arriving back I was in a much better frame of mind to sit and be together and chat.”

A lot of people have said to me – “ how do you run and are able to run  (crawl sometimes) for so long?” My comment is always – “ I am nothing special and anyone (within reason ) can do what I do, but the main thing is – you have to want to do it.” It does take a lot of work and time to build up to high mileage though.

This brings me to another passion of mine – GOALS. Again I am a firm believer in goal setting but it is something I had to learn and work at initially. In the past I probably wasn’t great at it and life just meandered on around me with me quite oblivious to everything going on. I remember in my 50th year I set 3 goals; 1) To survive till I turned 50. 2) To complete my university degree. 3) To run a marathon. I succeeded in all 3 and of course that first marathon was all about doing it and it was the only one I was ever going to do……….. I mean a marathon is so far!!

I have found many a time coming off a long run, there is a flatness, and if there wasn’t a goal to work towards I would struggle to get out the door. MJ’s have helped me immensely in keeping an accountability and motivation there. I always try and set realistic goals (even if sometimes on the edge a bit!!) and within reason I will immerse myself in them til the “appointed” time.
If however a goal is not quite reached that is also okay because it is what we learn from them that will help future ones – and often they only need a bit of tweeking. So the importance of goals for me – it gives me something to strive towards – and if they are not quite reached there is a reason and with a little bit of adjustment I will get there.

Now with the USA run firmly set for Sept/ Oct I need to put in a couple of sub goals as a lead up to the big one – 1) I still need to be raising a bit more sponsorship money, 2) I still need to be getting in fairly big mileage weeks with the back to back to back….. – but now its still a few months I can have a big month and then drop back a bit the following month. The drop back months are still relatively big (200 km weeks as opposed to 250 odd) by most peoples standards but now I have “ Trained the body and mind” to cope with the bigger mileage.

Some of it is about training the body and mind to run on “ tired”. I still need to be aware of little niggles and am a strong believer in lots of stretching. The other goals I have set myself for the next few months are; to run a 3hr 20 min marathon, to run a 1 hr 34 min half marathon, and also to run a 43 min 10 km. This will break up the training a bit more with speed work put into the equation. .

I am hoping to “launch” the USA run in possibly April by doing a 24 hr run with the goal of 200 + kms. All these things are in place to keep the motivation high in the lead up to the big goal. Keep on exercising and remember its got to be FUN.

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