What are the rankings?

***These rankings are from when you start logging miles on Moon Joggers. So if you started with us on January 1, 2013, your miles accumulate from January 1, 2013. They don’t reset every year. Your miles continue to accumulate year after year, so you can move up through many rankings over the years.  You can order ranking buttons and/or print a bib for each ranking you achieve. Below are the milestones and the corresponding ranking one can achieve:

Dog Tag Moon JoggerRanking: OFFICIAL MOON JOGGER Download bib here: RANKING BIB OFF MOON JOGGER

Milestone: Logged 1st Mile!
Achievement: Welcome aboard! You are an official Moon Jogger.


Dog Tag Space RangerRanking: SPACE RANGER Download bib here: RANKING BIB SPACE RANGER

Milestone: Logged 100+ Miles!
Achievement: Did you know that the distance from earth to space is about 60 miles? You ran more than that distance. Every time you look up in the sky you can remember you ran further than the clouds.

Dog Tag CadetRanking: CADET Download bib here: RANKING BIB CADET

Milestone: Logged 500+ Miles!
Achievement: Nice achievement! 500 Miles is great! How far is that from where you live?


Ranking Button PrivateRanking: PRIVATE  Download bib here: RANKING BIB PRIVATE

Milestone: Logged 750+ Miles!
Achievement: Great job! That is a lot of miles. Who else do you know that has achieved this?



Ranking Button OfficerRanking: OFFICER Download bib here: RANKING BIB OFFICER

Milestone: Logged 1,000+ Miles!
Achievement: Welcome to the 1,000 mile club! How much further will you go? Don’t forget to look back and see how far you have come.


Ranking Button PrivaeRanking: ENSIGN Download bib here:  RANKING BIB ENSIGN

Milestone: Logged 1,500+ Miles!
Achievement: Ensign means a flag or standard. You are setting a great standard for people to follow!



Ranking Button LieutenantRanking: LIEUTENANT  Download bib here: RANKING BIB LIEUTENANT

Milestone: Logged 2,000+ Miles!
Achievement:  You have almost ran the distance from Mexico to Canada (2,252 miles)! You have nearly ran enough to cross the U.S.A.



Ranking Button CommanderRanking: COMMANDER Download bib here: RANKING BIB COMMANDER

Milestone: Logged 2,500+ Miles!
Achievement: The distance from LA to NY is 2,475 miles. You did that! The average flight takes 285 minutes from LA to NY. Not to minimize your achievement. :)


Ranking Button CaptainRanking: CAPTAIN: Download bib here: RANKING BIB CAPTAIN

Milestone: Logged 3,000+ Miles!
Achievement: You have almost run the distance from NY to London (3,456 miles). Wow! That is some distance covered.


Ranking Button CommodoreRanking: COMMODORE  Download bib here: RANKING BIB COMMODORE

Milestone: Logged 4,000+ Miles!
Achievement: The distance from England to Canada is approximately 3,829 miles. You ran that far! Holy smokes!



Ranking Button AdmiralRanking: ADMIRAL

Milestone: Logged 5,000+ Miles!
Achievement: The distance from Australia to Hawaii is nearly 5,000 miles. That’s a lot of swimming!





Ranking Button Specialist


Milestone: Logged 6,000 Miles!
Achievement: You have run roughly the distance from South Africa to Russia. Imagine all the sites you have seen!



Ranking Button ExecutiveRanking: EXECUTIVE

Milestone: Logged 7,000+ Miles!
Achievement: Imagine starting in Alaska, USA and running south to Chile. Well, you did that distance. Piece of cake, right?


Ranking Button SergeantRanking: SERGEANT

Milestone: Logged 8,000+ Miles!
Achievement: When you think of running 10,000 miles you probably think of the distance between Greenland and New Zealand, right? :) Well, that is what you achieved!


Ranking Button ColonelRanking: COLONEL

Milestone: Logged 10,000+ Miles!
Achievement: How many people do you know that have run halfway around the world by themself? Add your name to that list!



Ranking Button GeneralRanking: GENERAL

Milestone: Logged 12,000+ Miles!
Achievement: You are well on your way to running around the world by yourself. Just 9,800 miles to go!



Ranking Button Master Commander_edited-1Ranking: MASTER COMMANDER

Milestone: Logged 15,000+ Miles!
Achievement: The average person walks about 115,000 miles in a lifetime… you just loggged 25% of that distance over a very short period of time! Do you even know what “average” means? :) Not in your vocabulary, is it?



Ranking Button Chief CommanderRanking: CHIEF COMMANDER GENERAL

Milestone: Logged 20,000+ Miles!
Achievement: You are so close to reaching the very top!  Way to go with so many, many miles!


Ranking Button Ultimate Master Sergeant Major_edited-1Ranking: ULTIMATE MASTER SERGEANT MAJOR MOON JOGGER

Milestone: Logged 25,000+ Miles!
Achievement: You not only ran the distance around the world by yourself, you achieved the highest ranking among Moon Joggers. We are amazed by people like you!

So, there are the targets. It’s your life. Now is the time. Go 4 it! You can achieve whatever you put your mind on.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

*So far you can order up to LIEUTENANT button.  We will add higher rankings throughout the year.