Run Fit With A Friend (Mate)

Run Fit With A Friend (Mate)
Coach Richard Rykbos

Hello fellow Moon Joggers, as some of you know I am Coach Rykbos and my lovely wife Ilene. We began this journey to rack up mileage to the outer ends of the universe back in September when Perry ran across the U.S.A.

While I am a fitness enthusiast and Certified Personal trainer among other titles, there is one thing that is for sure. I believe in the TEAM Spirit when it comes to getting your best results in any physical exercise program, so I wanted to focus on the Team and doing this journey with a friend.

One of my favorite books says two are better than one and a three strand cord is stronger… With over a decade in the wellness industry and coming from a 300 pound fat, sick and dying position I can only tell you that movement works.  When done with an accountability partner or friend to keep the motivation high it tends to have a better success rate.

Like a marathon or ultra marathon having the support of  a friend really creates a sense of I can do this and keeps you going. Running with a determination and commitment that NO One is Left behind is a great way to help another win. Take our Tough Mudders where the condition of the run or climate are up in the air, and while you train for it and do all you can to be prepared, the unknown can take a team member out. That is when sticking it out together and encouraging others to keep putting one foot in front of the other helps to finish strong no matter what comes, because you had another to lift your spirits and believe in you. SO many times we have seen people go on to even better wellness goals and set records and personal best for themselves and encourage others.

Take Jeannie here to the left who began with us and Fit Friends at 320 Pounds. With six kids it is not easy to balance life family and regain health and wellness. But from a first start of a walk/jog and the encouragement of friends she has lost over 150 pounds and now coaches others to live a well life using walking and running as a way to get healthy.

Partnering with a Audacious Dream and becoming motivated and develop lifelong friendships with running. Ilene began her journey in running with a few steps (Her 1st Mile) with a little Kiwi making his way across the USA. What started out as supporting her husband and his ambitions became a believable I Ca Do It Attitude of running. Because of this new friend and his encouragement and determination she began running 1 mile a day while he was out there and by the time he had finished she was up to 4 miles a day. Yes a friend can change the direction of your life for the healthier.

Lifting and encouraging you through a recovery from injury or setbacks. Having an accountability partner or like-minded friend can keep giving you the slightest praise and accolades when you just have lost your motivation. Seeing their likes on social media, and email or private message can really encourage them to take that initial step and get back in the game. This last December 2014 I had exactly that, an injury from some of the extreme training I do and then an added cough that caused me to dislodge a rib that was not discovered for 6 weeks… So I went from running 75 to 100 miles a week to barely moving, it was then this true warrior and friend continued to encourage me to Keep it up Mate! Doing good even when I was only doing a mile or less.

So in closing of this blog for our journey to the ends of the worlds and beyond, let me just encourage you to always be aware of those you are running with, and if they need a hand be ready to give it… It can make the difference in whether this person continues or falls so far behind they feel they cannot start again. We All Need a Running Friend and that is why the Moon Joggers is so much a Family… Even recently Ilene and I had not posted for a while and a Fellow Moon Jogger gave a shout out looking for us! That is what we do for each other… Keep setting Audacious Goals and Have Fun on Your Journey with Friends.


Strength and Honor

Coach Rykbos




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