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Each day millions upon  millions of people lace up their shoes and take off on the open road, the open trail, the treadmill, the elliptical machine or some other way.  Some run to train for an upcoming race, others walk to enjoy the beauty all around them, others jump on the machine to burn some calories and relieve stress.   For many a simple walk around the block is the most challenging part of their day, while for others a ten mile run is the highlight of their day.  No matter the reasons, and no matter the distance, each of these people are MOVING – they are giving their bodies a chance to exercise and their hearts to grow stronger.

Moon Joggers is searching the world over for these millions upon millions of people that are taking their health into their own hands and focusing on physical fitness as a key component to health and happiness.  What is Moon Joggers you ask?  Let us tell you.


Ashley & Angie
at Rivalry Relay
in Provo, Utah

It all began when two sisters, ANGIE & ASHLEY, challenged each other to see who could run 1,000 miles in 2013.  After some number crunching Angie realized that if they could get 240 people to join with them in this challenge they would be able to run to the moon.  This was only the beginning of something exciting and fun for every person involved.

When they decided to open it up to their friends and family members on Facebook the idea blew up!  Suddenly Moon Joggers exploded and more than 1,000 people joined the two sisters, including people from more then 30 different countries.  On January 1, 2013 they took off on their 239,000 mile journey to the MOON. Goal Accomplished!The goal was to reach the moon in one year.  We made it in five months!

Going to the moon was only the beginning.  Moon Joggers has decided to boldly run (and walk) where no one has run before by exploring all of the planets in our solar system.  These planets are millions of miles away, but that will not stop us! This year (2014) our goal is to travel 25 million miles to VENUS (the closest planet to Earth).  This means that we need approximately 25,000 people to take on the Moon Jogger Challenge and join us.

We’ve made a promise to our Moon Joggers that we would get to Venus.  To accomplish this we are going to search and search until we find enough people to help us get to Venus.  Why is this so important?  Because we’ve set a goal.  It’s a goal that seems impossible at times but then we look back and remember the time we spent on the moon.  We would have never imagined we’d get enough people to join us on that adventure, but we DID!  We wanted to recruit 240 people and we ended up with 1,200.  So why not shoot for something bigger?  Why not go to Venus?

On January 1, 2014 more than 3,000 Moon Joggers began their quest to Venus.  Each day our numbers grow as more and more people commit to the Moon Jogger Challenge.   The only question left is this:  WILL YOU TAKE THE MOON JOGGER CHALLENGE?  Will you join us on this historic adventure?   All we ask is that you commit to running, walking and/or jogging 100, 500, 1000, or up to 5,000 miles this year.  You’ll get your own log on our website where you’ll keep track of your miles and contribute to our group as a whole (you can go back and log any miles you’ve completed starting January 1,2014 to NOW). We’ll encourage you, cheer you on and celebrate every mile.

We would love to have you part of this fun running community! It is perfect for beginners, for people that just love walking, jogging, or running, and competitive marathoners… and everyone in between! Please SHARE YOUR MILES with us and help us reach our goal! Plus, we’re raising money for an AWESOME charity: THE LITTLE HEROES FOUNDATION!

Find out more about our VOYAGE TO VENUS and sign up.  You can participate for FREE, or for those of you that enjoy the SWAG, you can do one of our paid registrations (use promo code SAVE5 to save $5)! Click here to SHARE YOUR MILES!

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