Thank You For Being Awesome!

Thank You for Being Awesome

Here’s a gift to show our gratitude for being surrounded by so many amazing people! Save 33% today only on all events!

Our journey with Moon Joggers over the past couple of years has been incredible! We’ve traveled to the moon and continue to make our way to distant planets.  Thousands of people from around the world have joined us on our quest and even helped us raise more than $35,000 for various charities through our virtual events.  To say thank you, for today only, you can use promo code CELEBRATE to save 33% on ALL of our virtual events, including our main event this year, MEET ME ON MARS!  If you’ve already signed up, forward this email to your friends and invite them to join! The code expires 24 hours from when this email is sent! Why 33% off? Because today I am celebrating 33 years here on this earth and it’s my way of saying THANKS! Check out our VIRTUAL EVENTS here!



Each month we host a free fitness challenge and our April Challenge begins tomorrow! It will add variety and motivation!  JOIN NOW and GET READY TO SWEAT!


Today is your final day to enter our March Free Give Away and win a brand new pair of shoes!  The winner will be announced tomorrow on our Facebook Page.


How many miles have you logged so far this year?  Have you been logging them on the website?  If not, get caught up NOW! Every mile is so important to our journey! And find out what ranking you are currently at.


Which MJ ranking will you achieve?  Find out HERE.

Each week we have a different guest writer share with us what Every Mile Matters means to them and each week we are inspired by their words! Check them out HERE.

For those that love virtual events, join our new Facebook group where you’ll be kept up to date on new events!



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