By Perry Newburn

Go Perry Go!

Go Perry Go!

Boy these months are flying by at the moment – scary!!!! The next 4 months wont be any different either. So – What to write about? I wander whats on my mind? Yes I thought I would start a series on the USA run now we are into the countdown stage and lots are starting to happen.

Lets start with a brief of how this came about. After I got home from my 1053 km run in 15 days from Auckland to Christchurch about 3 years ago I was following Dean Karnzis Run Across America and apart from thinking that would be neat to do , at this point, I started to think what could be done in NZ of the same sort of magnitude. This was how the around NZ run eventuated – a 5000 plus km run around NZ in 70 days – and happened about 18 months ago. However, the idea of running across America in essence had been born. Around this time I also read Marshall Ulrich’s book of his record breaking run across America and the dream was firmly entrenched.

After the NZ run was successfully completed there was nothing left of this sort of magnitude in NZ so the idea started to evolve further. This of course became fimly entrenched about half way through last year after a discussion with Angie of my “ dream to run across America “ to celebrate my 60th birthday with an aim to break the masters record of 52 days plus a few hours ( held by Marshal Ulrich ). The aim has now been extended to break the overall record of 46 days 8 hours and 36 minutes. With Angie’s keenness  I of course jumped at the chance to ask her to be support manager, driver etc etc. and thankfully she accepted. This would also be a chance to highlight what a great group this is in so many ways – support, motivation, acceptance and so many more. Of course, secretly I will be highlighting what such a great person Angie is as well – Don’t tell her though!!!

From this point it was all about getting a plan together ( which would evolve over time ) , set a few tentative dates and start to look at how to raise the necessary money for this epic adventure ( up to $ 20 k).

Come run with Perry!

Come run with Perry!

So, where to start on all of this? Well number 1 was to get a website/face book page up and running with all the necessary information that potential sponsors need to see. Again thank goodness for Angie who was able to put this together. With the 2 vitual runs by the Moon Joggers we were off to a flying start. At this stage a huge cheer out needs to go to all the Moon Joggers – you are providing a huge amount of support and motivation and I know you all will be in September/October this year. I have been busy with some further sponsors in NZ which has been extremely promising. The set up of people /business’ being able to sponsor a half or full day has also got off to a flying start. This is so appreciated and I can’t thank you enough. The same goes with people hosting a night – I am so looking forward to meeting you all ( although I’m not sure how with it I will be !!!!) . This is important to pass the word onto friends to see if they can also help out in other areas.  Find out how to support and view my route here:

There is still much to do but it is all coming together. Apart from all of this the training still needs to continue. And this can take up to 5 – 6 hours per day. I am currently averaging about 210 kms per week ( about 130 miles ) and there will be higher weeks as we get closer. There have been niggles which have been due to shoes etc but this hasn’t stopped me – it has helped to strengthened the mind which will be a huge part whilst moving across America.

So 11 weeks to go till I fly out – this time will go by so quick. I am excited but I still need to keep the feet firmly on the ground and keep the balance with all that still needs to be done. Over the next 3 months if you have any questions you would like answered that I could include please let me know Send emails to

And remember all – keep having fun.


You can also support Perry by joining our virtual run 5K ACROSS THE USA! Virtually run with Perry as he crosses the USA!



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