Moon Jogger of the Week: Charl Whitaker


Say hello to fellow Moon Jogger: Charl Whitaker.
He has completed 850 miles so far this year!

Tell us about yourself. – Hi I am Charl Whitaker. Living in Kempton Park, South Africa. I am a Booking and Scheduling Consultant for a Fleet management company by day and by night I am a dad of 3 gorgeous daughters 12, 10 and 3 years old and a hubby to my Gorgeous wife. But when that alarm goes off at 3:40 am in week days for that hour to hour and a half in the week I Am a Runner. Weekends are normally Long Run or Race time. I am also the team Captain for a running charity called the S4J ( Sudan4Jesus ) where we are raising funds for struggling people and to Christians that are being chased in Sudan.

What motivated you to first start running?
I have always been running and was part of my School’s athletics team. However after school I spent more time playing rugby and cricket. I also became more of a couch potato. In 2004 I was watching the Comrades marathon ( Ultra marathon of 56miles) on TV and said I’m gonna run that next year. So my friend took a bet on me saying, If I qualify he will sponsor me! So I qualified. I was there in 2005!

What do you love most about running?  – I love the outdoors the freedom and the open road! Nothing beats that feeling of finishing a difficult race!


Who in your life inspires you to run? – I want my kids to see that no matter what you can always do what you put your mind to. So my kids!

You’re favorite place to go running? I would have to say it is a race and it is the Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa. And the 2 oceans marathon in Cape town.

What was it about Moon Joggers that made you want to join?I am usually not to bad in training in the first half of the year when I train for a Race called the Comrades Marathon in June. But it is after the race when I usually slack. So when I saw MJ on the web I thought what a GREAT challenge and a GREAT way to keep me going in the second half of the year. So I would be able to do even better next year! THANK YOU GIRLS!!!

Ycharlou’re favorite food to eat that gives you energy?I have LOTS of favorites and Pizza and Pasta’s are on top of my list! But on the road in will be the Corn Syrups that keeps my energy levels up! The night before I eat light and will have some steak in it! The Morning will be an energy bar of some sort!

What is the first thing you’re going to do when you step foot on the moon?Run a VERY SLOW 10kay. Maybe run/jump hehehe

What’s your favorite running experience? – Finishing My first ever Comrades marathon in 11hours 46 minutes! After that I would say running all my PB’s Comrades Marathon 10hours 38minutes and the Slow Mag Marathon when I ran my first ever sub 4 ma

rathon in a time of 3:46! Tough one 32kay 2:46:33 Dischem Half Marathon 1:38:43 Benoni 10kay 44min.




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