Moon Jogger of the Week: Chris Mozer

Hello Moon Joggers!  We want to introduce you to fellow Moon Jogger, Chris Mozer from New York.
As of May 6, 2013 Chris has run a total of 661 miles this year.
MJ: What motivated you to first start running?chris mozer
CHRIS: Girlfriend wanted to lose weight. I just tagged along.
MJ: You’re favorite place to go walking/running?
CHRIS: I enjoy running the roads on Long Island.   Love running early in the morning when no people or cars are around.  Makes me feel like the Apocalypse has hit and I’m the last man on earth.  Very peaceful.  But when you’re a runner…..the world is your track!!!
MJ:You’re favorite food to eat that gives you energy?
CHRIS:Prior to running any race, I always try to “carb up.”  This could be oatmeal, bread, or pasta.  During the run, if it is over 6 miles, I’ll carry several Gu Energy Gels with me.  Also like to suck on lollipops while running.  Sugar is nothing more then energy to me!!
MJ: What was it about Moon Joggers that made you want to join?
CHRIS: Wanted to help you meet your goal.  I know I’ve run over 1000 miles in 2012 so it just seemed natural to “use” them to help.  Also, you can never join too many Facebook pages and it’s a good way to connect with other runners.

MJ:What is the first thing you’re going to do when you step foot on the moon?
CHRIS: In the words of KC and the Sunshine Band…..”do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight”

MJ: What’s your favorite walking/running experience?
CHRIS: They have all been great experiences.  Prior to running, I did no exercise, ate junk food, and smoked like a chimney.  Stand out moment was running Harrisburg Marathon in 3:58!!  A sub-four hour marathon was always my goal and i finally got it.  Next goal… a marathon in 3:50.

MJ: Tell us a little bit more about you.
CHRIS: Live in Huntington, NY out on Long Island. Retired from Verizon after 31 years. Love to play with my dog, do my yard work, read, watch movies, cook, and….run! Looking forward to one day moving off Long Island to a more secluded area where there isn’t so much hustle and bustle and strip malls.



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