Moon Joggers Week 13: The Week of the FULL WORM 10K/5K

Hello To All Of You AMAZING Moon Joggers!

We hope you’ve had an incredible week 12 and are already on your way to a fantastic week 13!  We cannot believe how fast this month has flown by.  This is the last week of March, and it also happens to be the week of the FULL WORM MOON!!!  To celebrate the full moon this week we are hosting our very first Moon Joggers virtual race: The Full Worm 10K/5K.  If you have not already signed up, be sure that you do.  Sign up here:  Each person that signs up will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to AMAZON and a free Moon Joggers t-shirt.  So sign up now!!!   Your race must be completed between now and Sunday, March 31!  We’ve already had a few participants that have already completed their race.  SIGN UP NOW!  The cost is $10 and you’ll even get a very cool Full Worm 10K/5K window decal to hang up on your car, on your fridge, on your laptop, or anywhere else!

This month our goal is to complete 75,000 miles as a group.  Currently we are at 36,000.  So get out there and get running, and more importantly, please LOG YOUR MILES!!!   Did you know that you can go all the way back to January 1 and log any miles that you have not yet had the chance to log?  Please take a few minutes this week to update your log.  We are excited about the amount we have, but we know that there are still many, many, many miles that have not yet been logged, so get those miles logged HERE.

One last thing: we want to start working on more Moon Jogger Spotlights and would LOVE to spotlight you on our website.  We have so many incredible people in this group and would love to share your story with the world.  CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT OUR MOON JOGGER SPOTLIGHT FORM.    Click here to view a few samples of Moon Joggers Spotlights we have already done.

Thanks so much for sticking with us these past three months…and welcome to all of you that have recently signed up for this incredible journey to the moon! Welcome to the team!!

Happy Jogging!

Ang & Ash
Moon Jogger Maniacs



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