Official Rules

Official Rules for participating in the Moon Joggers!

1. BE HONEST!  Honesty is the best policy and that definitely rings true here at Moon Joggers.  You are responsible for logging your miles and we expect you to be HONEST.   Don’t cheat yourself.  This is about you working towards your personal goal and there is not gain in cheating.  Be honest and as a team we will earn each and every mile that we take on our way to Mars.

2. What counts as miles?  Walking, Jogging, Running, Treadmill, Elliptical and Stair Master.  If it can be measured, and you’re moving on your FEET (not on wheels) you can count it towards your miles. We’re even going to let you count SWIMMING if you measure how far you swim when you’re cross training.
*If you want to log in kilometers just click on the SETTINGS button when you’re logged in on your log and you can switch over to kilometers.

3. Do biking miles count?  YES!  But, there is a simple formula you most follow when logging biking miles.  There are a few different theories out there, but the one we’ve seen most is that you exert about the same energy when you bike 3 miles as when you run 1 mile. So we’ll be using a 3:1 ratio.  Any miles that you bike must be divided by THREE!  So if you bike 15 miles, you can log 5 miles into your log (15/3=5) This is a RUNNING program, but we understand the need and desire to cross train and we want those miles to count.

Three more ratios:  You can count one mile of swimming as three miles of running. (Swimming ratio: 1:3)
You can count three miles of rollerblading as one mile of running. (Rollerblading ratio: 3:1)
You can count one mile of rowing as one mile of running!
*If you do a spin class you do about 15-20 miles depending on how hard you work.  So you can estimate how many miles you do in spin class and then divide them by THREE and put it in your log.

4.  TEAMS!  You do NOT have to be on a team to participate.  We have some participants that have formed teams.  All this does is allow them to see all of their teammates’ stats when they are logged in on their log and to see how many miles they’ve completed as a group.  Most teams are made up of friends and family members that want to keep tabs on each other.

5. If you want to input a TYPE of activity on your log (such as running, biking, swimming, etc) you can click on the SETTINGS box on your log and go in there and add TYPES and LOCATIONS to your log.

6. LOG YOUR MILES!!! We prefer you log your miles once a week, but we know you get busy, so please log your miles at least once a month! If you do not want to log miles day by day, you can log your miles in bulk. So if you run 100 miles in January, you can choose one day in January and log the entire 100 miles there (you cannot log more than 175 miles on a given day, so break it up if you must). LOG MILES HERE.

7. HAVE FUN!!!  There will be days that you might think there is no way you’re going to reach your goal and there will be days where you think you are unstoppable and then there will be many days in between.  ENJOY EACH MILE! Work hard, have fun, cheer on fellow Moon Joggers and let’s all DANCE ON MARS together at the end of the year!


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