Where My Steps Have Taken Me

Where My Steps Have Taken Me
By Catherine Campbell

My steps have taken me along the path of fitness for 80 years. Actually that occurs in two days. My running days cartherinemay be over so I now return to hiking. I did a lot of that in Holland, England and Spain prior to learning to run at the age of 72 when my daughter , Sheila was my coach.
I have loved running,especially the 2 half marathons I did last year, and all the 5K, 8K and 10Ks that kept me training over the years. After the last race my body started to complain and so I’m giving it a break. Maybe another 8K next fall?
I enjoy being a member of Moon Joggers. It is amusing to read of a 40 to 50 year old feeling too old to run. However, I know that we all have our individual challenges which the Moon Jogger community
helps us resolve.
So, walking, hiking or running, I will keep moving and try to remember to log my miles.




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