What Happens if We Don’t Make It?

Calling All Moon Joggers

missing the targetThis past month we had a goal to reach 1 million miles. We didn’t make it. We fell short. Excuses can pile up, but a pile of excuses just smells so bad. It is a bummer when you don’t reach your goal. It has some of us questioning, “What happens if we don’t reach our 2014 goal of getting to Venus?” We validate the concerns. We don’t want to figure out the answer to that question, and would much rather make it to Venus. We believe that failure is an event, and never a person (or persons). Failures give us great opportunities to learn. So, what can we learn from July’s failure to help us reach our HUGE goal of 25 million miles and reaching Venus in 2014? Let’s discuss some ideas. (we invite you to share yours as well)

Logging Miles

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

Mileage Log for RunningYou have to log your miles in order for them to count. There are many of us that have not yet logged our miles for July, and some for other months of the year. We suggest you log on and log your miles by month as soon as possible. You just need to enter in the total miles you did for each month in one entry or two (the maximum number of miles you can enter is 175 per day). Log your missed miles now by going to www.moonjoggers.com/miles.

Improvements are coming to the mileage log. We have received some input, and want more. What would you like to see with the mileage log? How can we improve, simplify, or make things easier for you? The current mileage log gets the job done and helps us measure our performance, but we know there is lots of room for improvement. We value your input and any resources you offer to help us in improving the mileage log. Share your ideas/input here.

Help Spread the Word

We hope that your experience with the Moon Joggers community has been and continues to be a positive one and that it has helped you reach your desired goals in some way. If so, we invite you to share your experiences with others. There are a few places for you to do so that will help us grow our community. Please take a minute and share your Moon Jogger experience (write a review, or five) by completing any of the following:

Share and Invite Others

We also encourage you to invite your friends, family, acquaintances to join you in your Moon Joggers experience and to join our Voyage to Venus. We have made it easy to share. Help us grow and reach our goal. In fact, the top 3 referrers will get their 2015 Meet You In Mars full membership fees paid for! Let me explain.

How the Referral Contest Works

So, we are holding a referral contest from now until December 31, 2014. The way it works is that we will reward the top 3 people who have the most members join Moon Joggers through their referral efforts by paying for a 2015 full fledged membership for them (or reimbursing them if they already have paid for one). It is easy to participate and help Moon Joggers grow. Just follow this 3 step process using the “Refer a Friend” app below:

  • Step One: Enter your name and email address (for tracking purposes) and click on the “Start” button. This will give you your own unique referral link/code that you can share.
  • Step Two: Click on one of the methods to invite other to join Moon Joggers (FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email) and follow the prompts that pop up.
  • Step Three: Repeat step two as often as you can in order to win!

Good luck! We will post a tracking widget to show who is in the lead once we get things going. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help out with anything.

Upcoming Events

The easiest way to share Moon Joggers is to invite others to upcoming events. We have some great events coming up. Check them out at www.moonjoggers.com/events/. Don’t forget about Perry’s Run from NY to LA!

We Want Your Feedback

What can we do to improve the Moon Joggers experience? Everybody has different preferences and we try to do our best to make things work for the majority of our member’s needs/wants. Please leave a comment below with hash tag #Feedback and give us some of your feedback on things you suggest for improving your Moon Joggers experience.

We Can Still Make It to Venus!

Moon Joggers is GrowingWe believe that we still can make it to Venus. It is going to be miraculous! Right now we are about 3% of the way. We can’t do it without you and your involvement, however big or small that may be. It all adds up!

Happy trails my friends… I’ll see you on Venus!

-Chris W.



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