Rocking on the Roads: “Motivation”
By Hector Romo-Parra

Hector333I have never thought that I was going to say this:

„I have been thinking seriously to untie the laces, trash my shoes and stop running definitively”

Motivation is the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life, it is a crucial element in setting and achieves goals. Is the voice inside that drives you to behave in certain way, is that thought that keeps you going on, training formally and reaching the finish lines.

While some of us run for fitness, competition and for healthiness I, like many others, have been running for special purview. Is not matter of a first place medal or been on the top 10 list from my age is more a race with no finish line, with no prize nor diploma; where the PR, time or pace are not important…it is just a run for running but more important: is a war against myself.

Every morning is a fight that I have been trying to overcome, some days I stay on bed only with my thoughts and dreams. Other days I woke up beaten the debility and the dullness, and go out for a run. These days sometimes I feel rejuvenated but sometimes I am weak again…coin flipping: either head or either tail, after some kilometres on my GPS, at least, there is something in my mind: “I won this time”.

Hector3333“The Monster G., let´s call it like that, is growing inside me… there… in the movement-connection; hidden in my mind but present in my muscles, and, with every step it is eating each part of my life. It has no rush, I can clearly see this, and slowly but constant, is conquering any single item in my everyday…”

Next day a new a new battle starts and as every time, as every morning, I could win but also I could lose; is a coin tossing… at some point I do not care at all, however at the same point I convince me that I should care more and must push forward … dialectic rules my fitness.

Many people are fortunate people, who can tight the laces, go out and move along the pavement or fields. In contrast, many others have obstacles (disabilities and injuries) that impede them from enjoying a run or even an event. The two faces of the coin. In any case both groups have something in common: there is a desire and a will, there is the need to step the floor, to run. They both are looking for some motive to keep on going and to push through; to go running, to be healed again, to be healthy… to have the right conditions to stay on track.

I have never thought that I was going to say this:

“Tiredness has become my new status but I will not permit the lack of motivation to be my new anthem

Dear reader the coin is in the air, why do you run for? In my case I want to win every morning…


hector3Héctor is a runner during mornings and a Neurophysiologist during days.  He lives in Germany and he runs for three motivations: his 5 year old Son who is living in Mexico, to raise funds for “The Myasthenia Gravis Association” since he has been diagnosed with this disease and to fight against this disease.


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